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  1. @KitKatCo Thank you sooo much!! Does UBC drop spring summer credits or only Fall-Winter credits???
  2. @powdermonkey13 UofA looks all all courses in summer and spring if you take a full course load and they drop your lowest year so my gpa for uofa is: 3.78 for UofC, they only drop worst year and they do NOT look at your summer courses so for Calgary my gpa would be: 3.63 my CARS is: 128.
  3. So, my first and 2nd year were awfully pathetic because life hit me hard. I’m an Alberta resident and hoping to apply for Alberta schools but open to applying to other provinces as well. Year 1: 1.2 ( 3 classes each term) Year 2: 2.9 (4 classes fall, 5 winter) Year 2 Spring/Summer: 4.0 (2 classes each term) Year 3: 3.9 (full term each term, 5 classes each term) Year 3 Spring/Summer: 4.0 2 classes each term) Year 4: 4.0 full term each term, 5 classes each term) MCAT: 520 EC’s: cultural, international, local helping out community, research, emp
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