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  1. How do you know you have Outaouais? It just says "Admitted with Condition" for me.
  2. Thanksss! I honestly have no idea. I remember feeling pretty confident right after, but I doubted my answers afterwards. I would say I did pretty well on half of them. Update: Just received a call from Mcgill dent!
  3. Moi je vois les 2 programmes sur le portail particulier.
  4. J'ai aussi lu le livre et honnêtement, je ne le recommande pas. Les réponses qu'ils donnent sont beaucoup trop longues et ne sont pas réalistes. Les premières chapitres sont basically un copier-coller de leur livre sur le MMI et comme @KingKongl'a dit, l'information est obvious. Les problèmes pratiques sont utiles pour se préparer, mais tu peux trouver des questions similaires gratuitement sur le web.
  5. They'll keep sending decisions throughout the day. There seems to be no specific order.
  6. Its maybe bcs of your CV since they evaluate Dent and med separately i think (since the CV templates were different). Also, the application pools for both med and dent are slightly different, Medp being slighly more competitve than Dent.
  7. Thanks @bbpremed !!! I don't have any reacs left either haha
  8. Invitation/ LA : Invited Catégorie : collégien Programme : Science nat Cote R : mid 37 Feeling sur le Casper : Felt terrible after. Was not prepared at all but still somehow managed to answer all questions and write 3-4 lines per question. Overall CV : Nothing too special. Some leadership positions at clubs, part time job, high school activities, very little volunteering...
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