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  1. Check out the BA/BSc degree programs (90 credits) in health science at York. My understanding is that these programs should allow transfer of credits from your first degree to fast-track completion in 2 years. https://globalhealth.yorku.ca/global-health-as-a-2nd-degree/ https://www.yorku.ca/health/health-studies/ Hope this helps!
  2. As @IMislove already mentioned above, you can go for Occupational Health and Safety (BASc) or Public Health (BASc) program at Ryerson. This program will most likely won't satisfy Western's 3/5 rule. They have an information session coming up on Jan 21st in case you are interested https://ryerson.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_b2Kq5ae2T7CTD9wikoMW1Q I also found another program at Guelph https://www.guelphhumber.ca/futurestudents/fcss#transfer which is of 2-2.5 yrs duration for a transfer students. The university also allows you to book a 15 mins meeting with their advisors for Q&A on th
  3. @Violetvernon35Good luck to you as well and let's stay connected! Cheers!
  4. Thanks for the prompt response @IMislove I searched a lot but I also couldn't find any other fast track degree options. I will look around more but will most likely go with one of the 2 above and focus on the other schools in Ontario for which I would be eligible.
  5. Hello Everyone, Can someone please recommend some fast track undergraduate degree programs in Ontario which I could complete in 2 years? I looked at Ryerson's Two-Year Public Health Program but it looks like it would make me ineligible for Western. I was also looking into the studying at Athabastha as an option but I think would prefer a full-time degree program to maintain eligibility for schools like U of Ottawa. Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks @Violetvernon35 for sharing your perspective. I don't have a science background so I am going to have to put in that extra time and effort for all science courses I take. This makes me think that I should go for a fast track undergraduate degree in Ontario (where I currently reside). I was wondering if you have any recommendations for a full-time 2 years degree? I looked at Ryerson's Two-Year Public Health Program but it would make me ineligible for Western.
  7. Thanks @Violetvernon35 I am glad to know that someone else is also taking a second-degree route. I have both Athabasca and TRU on my list, but I am more inclined towards the former. I have looked at Bachelor of General Studies, Bachelor of Science, & Bachelor of Health Administration degrees at Athabasca. Would you say it is easier to maintain a high GPA in the courses within Health Administration degree a compared to the other two? To be on the safer side, I also emailed med schools in Ontario to confirm whether they accept degree from these Universities. McMaster responded that they
  8. Thanks @bearded frog. School prestige is indeed overrated so my focus is to find a degree where I can get a competitive GPA because that is all that matters. I have some prior research experience and publications so I think I should be okay there. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for the prompt response @Médicomage. I will definitely keep that in mind. Once I know what options I have in regards to pursuing a second degree, I am going to email med schools to check if its accepted Outside of the pandemic situation.
  10. Hello Everyone, I am looking for some guidance on where I should pursue a second undergrad degree? I am exploring degree programs that are offered online or have evening classes which I could complete in 2-3 years. Any advise would be much appreciated. My undergrad GPA is way to low - 2.95. I do have a graduate degree but I don't think its going to help with a 2.95 undergrad GPA. Thanks in advance!
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