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  1. Just got my UBC interview invitation, at 3:32am PST. There are still over 750 spots available. No need to sweat. I doubt someone is up this late sending out invitations. They must've set up a system that automatically sends out x number of invitations every x minutes.
  2. Yeah I think I read on CaRMS that programs should ideally reach out to applicants within three days of an interview offer on the portal. I’d wait until Monday before reaching out. Honestly, I feel bad for all the program coordinators. They are probably stressed and overwhelmed. Give them a bit more time.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that. Just want to echo what bread said. There is so much subjectivity in CaRMS. If these programs can't see what you have to offer, then it's their loss. Really hope the other programs shower you with interview invitations! By the way, which specialty is this?
  4. CaRMS seems to having server issues for the past 6-7 hours or so. Submitted my applications but was hoping to make a few minor additions. Hope they fix this soon.
  5. Fortunate and grateful to be debt-free after completing college and medical school. My school in the US was exceedingly generous with scholarships and financial aid.
  6. I'm at a medical school in the US. Medical students here have priority along with residents and attendings. Our school spoils us and treats us like royalties! Got my first shot mid-December and second shot a few days ago.
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