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  1. Mine just got updated to "credentialing ongoing" with my list of requirements updated.
  2. My CPSO application status is still shown as "submitted." My requirement list remains unchanged. PGME from my institution has submitted all our LOAs but mine hasn't been uploaded yet. Anyone else in the same boat?
  3. Pretty much in line with match rate in recent years. Would be interested in seeing % of applicants staying at home institution this cycle vs previous years.
  4. Seems like an overall down year for FM and an uber competitive year for IM. Any thoughts on this? Is this start of a long-term trend or just natural fluctuation from year to year?
  5. I would imagine it being annoying if the program is enormous. I'd only reply if you have pressing, genuine questions at the time.
  6. This option is not available to IMGs and USMDs I believe.
  7. I'd be curious to find out how the quotas change in previous years. Not sure if CaRMS releases this information though.
  8. Interesting! I didn't know programs have an earlier deadline for submitting rankings! Learned something new today.
  9. Out of curiosity, do we know whether they run the algorithm right away?
  10. Anyone having difficulties with finalizing their Rank Order List? I'm really struggling right now. I know what my #1 program is but not sure what to rank as my #2 or #3.
  11. Yeah I'm planning to get it out of the way before July 1st. Just didn't know whether I need to have my scores out before then.
  12. I'm basically in a similar boat. Solely applied for family medicine but am now debating whether to rank sites at one program first or sites at another program first. Genuinely love both programs equally!
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