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  1. Incredible, how’d your interview go?
  2. 55th percentile or better for the interview is something I can hopefully do Even if lower than 55 per say, hopefully I can still get onto the first quarter of the waitlist. Is that how it works haha. I keep forgetting that 50% of ppl who get in are below the median anyways. Ever thought about being an education/guidance councillor?
  3. Thank you very much! You’re super educated, Zoxy! I’m trying to place where a 505, and 89 average would put me but it’s difficult without the statistics. Hopefully it gives me a good chance to get in. in that regards, would you say the difference between say a 506 and 505 is the same as the difference between like an 89 and 90 average? i appreciate all that you do for the pre med community :-)
  4. Could someone let me know how z-scores work in regards to the MCAT and scoring? I have a 505 mcat score which is kind of making me a bit nervous as the scores on this forum are a lot higher. My average is 89. A bit nervous :/
  5. 88.5 average with a 505 mcat? How are my chances? this years stats were VERY high. Also I believe averages are going up because of covid and everything being online and open book. I’m very worried by next year that the median will be a 90+.
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