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  1. Hey, thanks again for your feedback and advice! @Psych I truly appreciate it.
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if I can get feedback for my MCAT prep materials and schedule. As background, I'm in my 2nd year of mech eng but already have an IT - game dev degree. So, I have taken physics courses and one first-year chem course and from my previous degree, I have taken intro psych and sociology courses. I was hoping to test early August so I can get my results in time and have enough time to complete my applications depending on my results. Materials (Trying not to spend too much): Kaplan Test Prep - MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2021-2022: (Online + Book + 3 Prac
  3. Thanks a lot for your feedback! @Psych I really appreciate your time.
  4. Anyone? I know my 2nd and 3rd questions might be hard to answer and was really just wondering about my first one so could I get any feedback on my ABS/ECs as they stand now? Are they not too bad? Are they really lacking? Thanks in advance and happy new year!
  5. Thanks for your response. Could you be a bit specific on what you meant by proper course levels? Do you mean school year levels as in which years are factored into the GPA calculations? The reason why I was wondering how my chances are before the MCAT is due to me likely not getting the score until near the deadline since I'm planning on writing it late in the summer to maximize my study time. So, I was wondering where I might stand before then in order to allocate my time accordingly like for example, if my ABS/ECs are already good enough then I would allocate even more time for MCAT st
  6. Hello all, I'm a 2nd year mechanical engineering student in my 2nd undergrad, my first being in IT - Game Dev. The reason why I started is due to my interest in eng but not switching in time from my last major. Also, my high school prereqs for eng were expiring and with me not realizing my interest for medicine at the time, I ended up starting it. If I were to ultimately fail at getting in, my plan would be to resume my eng degree and work in biomed eng. Basically, I was planning on applying this past summer but due to personal circumstances and with handling a really heavy course load, i
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