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  1. What does a community GSx do? As med students we're exposed to the tertiary centre care but most specialists will end up working in the community. Thanks in advance
  2. Spend $20K on tuition v.s. investing in XEQT (and using your LOC presumably for tuition) is all a matter of your risk tolerance. Do you think your investment can beat 2.2% (LOC interest rate)? If you think so, the financially sound thing would be to put it in a TFSA and invest. If you don't think so, save the space in your LOC and pay tuition w cash.
  3. Full data set for 2021 is up @bearded frog
  4. So if you do a fellowship it'll make training 6 years instead of 5? 7 instead of 6 if cardio?
  5. Time stamp? When did you initially apply?
  6. I believe Match Day was March 3rd so likely end of July?
  7. Any idea when full stats are usually posted? Looking forward to your thoughtful analysis as usual!
  8. Conclusion: I will be making my children francophones
  9. Which specialties are reapplicant-friendly? That might also play a role in the mentality of those going unmatched participating in the 2nd round or trying again next year. Other than Ophtho, I don't think any other specialty has the reputation of being kind to reapplicants (or at least no stigma).
  10. 1st iteration, Current year graduates https://www.carms.ca/pdfs/2021-carms-forum.pdf Slide 80
  11. Hey everyone, waitlist veteran here. Before the first wave, the number of ppl that get off WL are minisucle that you likely may not hear about it on the forum. Wait for the big first wave and then it may be prudent/realistic to abandon hope after that. Best of luck folx
  12. This^ We all know how research, publications, presentations takes time and can be hit and miss (the process of getting any article published from a final manuscript took 6-12 months alone). Even if you went in to medical school having a good idea of what you wanted to do, by CaRMS time in 2+ years, your CV will be average or lower compared to someone at a 4-year who had summers and overall another year for prepping Not to say there aren't advantages to a 3year program (less tuition, less rent/expenses, +1yr of earnings) but it may not be right for everyone.
  13. Location 3 vs 4 year Home vs satellite campus what are your priorities? Choose accordingly
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