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  1. Share your stats (GPA, DAT score, Year of study and IP/OOP status and if you got an interview offer) for 2022 cycle. TIMESTAMP: GPA: DAT SCORE: YEAR OF STUDY: IP/OOP: Interview Offer:
  2. Easiest way is to see if there are any current residents who succeeded on their second attempt, I have heard of this happening in Uro, Neurosurg and of course Ophtho it is almost an expectation to have a gap year. For other competitive specialties it may be rarer leaning towards nonexistent. Since these are small fields, it would not be difficult to scope out residents of each program to see if any at all got in on their second try
  3. That is why more schools (like Ottawa and schools in the US) should publish their match results by specialty instead of a pure match rate from CaRMS. Speaking in hyperboles, having a 100% match rate to family is not impressive but having a lower match rate but consistently sending students into the top specialties (Derm, Ophtho, Plastics, Emerg, etc) is impressive.
  4. Anesthesia assistants (which I believe are RTs with additional training) already relieve anesthesiologists during the maintenance phase of anesthesia and preoperatively with art lines and blocks. Of course, the only people who are trained to independently administer anesthesia are FRCPC anesthesiologists and Family Practice Anaesthetists (who themselves are restricted in terms of the cases they can do). There is no role for CRNAs realistically but the government will cut costs wherever possible and the people who suffer the most will be patients.
  5. I wonder if the $100K/yr figure is the true cost of training a medical student if the provincial governments did not subsidize it at all?
  6. Wondering the applicability of this esp for surgical residents. Where do people usually moonlight? I have heard about it in the ICU overnight as well as FRCPC IM fellows but not really anywhere else
  7. I feel like the Venn diagram of ppl applying to peds and IM are two circles lol
  8. Seems like it is only a few weeks off of the regular match day schedule (early March)
  9. What does a community GSx do? As med students we're exposed to the tertiary centre care but most specialists will end up working in the community. Thanks in advance
  10. Spend $20K on tuition v.s. investing in XEQT (and using your LOC presumably for tuition) is all a matter of your risk tolerance. Do you think your investment can beat 2.2% (LOC interest rate)? If you think so, the financially sound thing would be to put it in a TFSA and invest. If you don't think so, save the space in your LOC and pay tuition w cash.
  11. So if you do a fellowship it'll make training 6 years instead of 5? 7 instead of 6 if cardio?
  12. Time stamp? When did you initially apply?
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