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  1. Interesting, I always thought I would need to front 20% down because CMHC would not work out for me (60K R1 salary, just me on the mortgage).
  2. Did CMHC calculate based on your resident's salary? I had no idea Winnipeg was that COL-friendly, congrats on the new house!
  3. CPSO for example asks if you ever needed remediation for academic purposes during medical school
  4. If you are able to get your MD and license by residency training start date, they will not be able to reject you (this is my understanding of the CaRMS contract) You may have to undergo remediation for the exam failure and disclose this on your college application.
  5. You can choose the monthly preauthorized debit. Not sure if the annual option is paid instantly.
  6. That was quick, did you pay as well or are those deducted monthly? I was told to wait when I called CMPA a couple of weeks ago...
  7. Pretty sure you need a CPSO number to be able to apply to CMPA anyways. Also CPSO could be delayed past July 1st if you require the registration committee for whatever reason.
  8. My classmate called NSLSC and apparently federal interest rates are 0% until March 2023 (not even pending Budget passing). You can double check yourself if you’d like. You have to start making minimal payments 6 months after end of study period. You cannot pay just the provincial, any payments will be deducted proportionally eg 85% payment goes to federal 15% to provincial if that’s your split
  9. You can only participate in 2nd iteration where there’s never any Plastics spots. A transfer may be probable
  10. Doesn't CMHC calculate using your actual salary so you won't be able to afford the same property that your mortgage (based on projected salary) can afford?
  11. Do people want to do IM or do people not want to do Family?
  12. Federal interest rates are suspended until March 2023 if the new budget passes which it likely will.
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