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  1. Sure because the CaRMS head office is in Toronto, not Ottawa
  2. I would much rather schools didn't tell us when they were sending interviews so there isn't anticipation the entire day of
  3. What is so special about noon? Programs post on CaRMS whenever they want to. I've never really gotten anything right at noon (0/2).
  4. McMaster FM better not play games and send them out late at night
  5. Toronto came out tonight. Mac will tomorrow. Queens by this Sunday.
  6. Anatomical Pathology: Queens (Feb 16), Calgary (Feb 16), McGill (Feb 16), McMaster (Feb 16), Western (Feb 17), Manitoba (Feb 19), Alberta (Feb 22), UBC (Feb 22) Anesthesiology: NOSM (Feb 22), UBC (Feb 22) Cardiac Surgery: Toronto (Feb 16), Manitoba (Feb 22) Dermatology: Diagnostic Radiology: Dalhousie (Feb 18), McGill (Feb 19), Queen’s (Feb 23) Emergency Medicine: Ottawa (Feb 22), Queen's (Feb 22) Family Medicine: Joint Ontario IMG (feb15), Joint Quebec Francophone Schools (Feb 16), McGill Châteauguay (Feb 19), UBC Family Medicine (Feb 19th), McGill Gatineau
  7. Honestly for smaller specialties (ie if program admin feasibly can send out invites without a computer program ~50 or less), if invites have gone out, no news is prob no news but more likely to be bad news. If rejects have gone out as well, you're likely a 'waitlist' in case anyone cancels. If rejects have not gone out, you're either a silent reject or a waitlist. Just my $0.02
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