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  1. Interestingly I forgot to mention that the French stream here in Ottawa has been partially vaccinated - not sure if this is better advocacy or just better luck on their part.
  2. Just wondering if other schools have any updates on vaccination? Ottawa was told that we would start getting phone calls last weekend, but as far as I'm aware no one has actually gotten one.
  3. Per one of the hospital emails, COVID vaccine delivery to Ottawa as a city is paused for a few weeks, so it will be a while for us here. We are seeing COVID patients and students on internal have been assigned patients in the COVID ward. Many of the internal medicine residents have been vaccinated - I think most of the others are still waiting.
  4. Ottawa has students seeing Covid patients since the Xmas break. We haven't heard anything from the faculty on the subject of vaccines, but the student government has informed us that they are working on it. The French stream is being vaccinated by the Montfort hospital. The English stream has been told that TOH will vaccinate "in a matter of weeks, not months." They're also planning on vaccinating pre-clerks, but I'm not sure exactly where they fall on the priority list.
  5. Same. We might be at the same school (Ontario). Residents in my area have been redeployed to give COVID vaccines but still haven't heard anything about their own vaccination priority, so I suspect medical students will be waiting some time. I'm not certain if we are technically considered healthcare workers.
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