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  1. Out of curiosity and not sure if you are allowed to answer this, but from what I heard is it mostly ethical questions and few personal?
  2. They pick the top 300-350 applicants. This is stated somewhere in their website. Hope this helps!
  3. There’s a greater number of applicants this cycle too compared to previous years! Kinda nervous!!
  4. Heyy I’ve never heard of these “services” you’ve mentioned that don’t count as a form of plagiarism. Please let me know if I’m wrong though!
  5. Oh that’s funny I don’t have that option.. I’m from the west coast they only tell us to state the start date and end date (yyyy-mm)
  6. No worries! I’m sorry if I’m unable to answer your questions but if I am reading your question correctly.. I did add two different “categories” for my undergrad degree and non-degree even though they were completed at the same institution.
  7. I’m not sure if they categorize it off by year but since I only took one course, I only have one other entry that is the non-degree in addition to my undergrad degree. You can contact ORPAS and they usually reply really quickly! I recommend texting them with the number they provide on the site!
  8. Hello everyone, For those of you sending in their transcripts from UBC to ORPAS, do you just send it via email from ssc directed to the Ontario Universities Application Centre? Any help would be appreciated!
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