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  1. Do you guys think U of T will send out offers this weekend?
  2. Same here. I wonder if accepting this via email will take me off the waitlist for UofT PT
  3. Just got an email that I am off the waitlist for Western PT! Have 24 hours to respond.
  4. Hello! What did you mean by first round offers? On ORPAS, there are 2 dates, one is when first round offers expire and the second is provisional acceptances become firm. Not entirely sure what the difference between the two is.
  5. I mean.. they didn’t explicitly mention anything about not being able to ask that.. haha but I’m pretty sure they won’t tell us.
  6. Well.. that’s kinda disheartening to hear :/ I read in last years forum that some people from the waitlist did get accepted. Not sure if schools are actually allowed to send acceptances for more than the class size if they say they only accept an x amount.. though it’s plausible. Let’s just wish for the best guys!!! We got this!!
  7. Does anyone know if u of t PT rejected anyone ? Or if everyone who hasn’t been offered a seat are placed on the waitlist?
  8. Pretty sure they don't, which is daunting not knowing if we'll get accepted. It is my first choice too. I don't know if they move a lot but I hope they would!
  9. According to the email, we shouldn't inquire about our position on the waitlist BUT IT'S SO TEMPTING. Hopefully, we will get some good news next month!
  10. Adding to this- I also got waitlisted for UofT and Western (upper 1/3) for PT. definitely would like to know the chances of being accepted.
  11. Everyone’s been so kind and comforting here!! Honestly thank you all for calming my nerves good luck everyone!! We’ve got this!!
  12. I was reading last years forum and it came out around midnight (so in our case, 13 going on 14th) but of course, there may be delays.
  13. I wouldn’t worry too much about it but it doesn’t hurt to ask if it’ll give you a peace of mind
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