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  1. Again thanks for replying, I am finally starting to learn about my standing thanks to people like you on this site. I have sent a few emails, so far UWSMPH has said that I would be an OOS applicant, which is good news considering they are a school that mentioned that they do not accept international applicants, which cleaves the gray area. I guess now all I can do is wait and hope for similar responses from other schools. I should of also asked about in state requirements but didn't, however after looking at a few schools it appears that I would of needed to go to a in state university/college
  2. Thanks for the reply. I already have a US passport, just not permanent residence because I haven't lived in the states in quite some time.
  3. Yea I have a US passport so I guess that is a good thing, I haven't even considered the taxes yet lol thanks for putting that into my mind.
  4. So I was born the US, never lived there for long I was mostly there while my parents finished school in the states, so by virtue of that I am a US citizen. I lived in Canada most my life and attend a Canadian university, so I am also a Canadian citizen. If anyone is also a dual US-CA citizen and previously applied or anyone else who just by chance knows, would I be considered an international applicant or as an out of state applicant to US schools? If I am considered as international, with my more bleh than WoW GPA, the prospect of applying seems bleak unless I am just uninformed. So I w
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