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  1. Accepted into Alberta OT (~3.9 GPA) - will be declining. A waitlist of 150 probably means that the list will move pretty heavily so good luck to those on it!!
  2. I will be cancelling my Mac OT interview! Hope this means that they invite one of you guys!!
  3. Accepted! My cGPA was 89.33 (I think, not too sure on how to calculate it). As for my experiences, my main ones were working with Canucks Autism Network for 4 years and volunteering in a stroke recovery group for 4 years. The application does not have a section where you can list out all your experiences, but I think they really helped me during the interview! Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions!
  4. I also have a bunch of extra CARS practice booklets (used) that I'm willing to sell for cheap if you want PM me if interested!!
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