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  1. I got a notification that my status changed but everytime I click on the GSMS portal, it keeps saying "service unavailable". Anybody else having the same issue?
  2. To those who have been accepted to U of A OT, have any of you heard back about whether you’re in Calgary or Edmonton?
  3. Can any past or current student offer some insight on the difference between the Calgary vs. Edmonton campus for U of A PT & OT? I’m originally from Calgary but I have family in both cities so housing isn’t an issue. Or anyone who was just accepted also, how did you choose between Calgary vs. Edmonton?
  4. Just got an email from U of A OT that I'm off the waitlist!! I only applied to U of A (risky...I know) so I was really crossing my fingers I get in
  5. That makes sense, I'm on the top half of the waitlist so crossing my fingers I hear back soon!
  6. Has anyone waitlisted for U of A OT been accepted? There's quite a bit of movement on the PT waitlist but I haven't heard of anyone receiving an acceptance off the OT waitlist yet.
  7. Not yet! I'm wondering if there's any movement on both the PT and OT waitlists now that Ontario has released their acceptances, 150 seat-waitlist seems a bit much.
  8. I think U of A OT takes in more than half of their waitlist every year usually but this year has 150 seats so maybe they're anticipating to take more? Either way, don't lose hope! I know it's so nerve wracking having to wait.
  9. Hi, I received one informing me where I was generally on the waitlist (OT) but that's about it.
  10. Hey everyone! U of A OT Admission decisions are out. I've been placed on the waitlist and it looks like the waitlist has 150 seats this year. Good luck to everyone!!!
  11. You're so kind, thank you for the update! The website is saying the first round decisions by mid-May, do they say this every year just to be safe and still release the first round by end of April or do you think this year is the exception?
  12. Do any current U of A OT students have any insight on when they're releasing acceptances this year? The wait is so nerve wracking
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