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  1. Hey everyone! I was thinking about taking another semester to upgrade my GPA and get more volunteer/clinical experience, but I'm worried that this could look my application for the next cycle look bad, as I will be doing 5.5 years in university (4.5 in my program) if I do this. Would it matter as much to OT schools if I did another semester?
  2. Yeah I contacted them this weekend, and even though they only sent me an automated message so far, the message said that there is another round of interview offers coming next week. So I guess I'll see what happens then.
  3. Hmm, my application says its still under review and that they'll contact me when they make a decision. I'm starting to get a little worried now.
  4. For those who didn't get in the first time and/or worked before applying again, were you able to get a clinical job in that gap year and how did you do it? I'm preparing for the possibility of rejection and I hoping to find work in order to gain more experience.
  5. Sorry for the late reply. I felt like it went well for me too. I thought I answered the questions well and gave as much information as I could in the 5 minutes we had for each station. I do wish we had more time though.
  6. To everyone who wrote the CASPER yesterday (January 5th) how did you all feel about it? My inbox is open if anyone wants to rant about it or discuss it further.
  7. I have it today, and I'm pretty nervous too. I too have been practicing a ton these past few days. I saw a youtube video where a guy did a method where he split the amount of time he had for each question, giving himself two minutes for the first two questions, and one minute for the last one. If he had more time, he would put it in a time bank, and use that time to go back and modify of the questions. He said this method helped him answer all three questions well so it could be something to try. Good luck!
  8. Was anyone able to find sufficient volunteer experience this summer? I tried pretty much every but I didn't get anything due to COVID :/. I have quite a bit of volunteer experience already, but I wanted to get more so it can help my application.
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