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  1. Does anyone have info about McMaster orientation week? In the email we got it says it runs from Aug 31- Sept 4 and will be "mostly" online. I was planning on booking a trip during this time so I need to figure out if this is still an option and if I can just participate in O-week remotely.
  2. I don't know much about the UofT program but here are my personal pros and cons for McMaster: pros - beautiful campus, Northern Studies Stream, overall good program reputation cons - seems like a lack of international placement options, not a big fan of Hamilton, I had a friend who did her undergrad here so I visited a lot and it seemed to me that most housing near the campus is run-down with many people (6+) living in one house could be a pro OR a con - PBL (honestly don't know if this style of learning will suit me well or not haha) + lots of presentations and oral communicat
  3. Hi there! I was wondering what is making you lean towards McMaster's program, since I was accepted there too but am torn between McMaster or waiting to see if I get off of Western's waitlist
  4. Accepted to McMaster and waitlisted for Western! Gonna email them soon to see how far on the waitlist I am
  5. hey! I am also on the fence about McMaster because of the PBL. I've heard some people love it and some hate it, so it's hard to know.. Another thing I'm considering is that on Western's website they have a three-week course opportunity in Norway, as well as partnerships for international placements in the final placement semester, which would both be amazing. I haven't seen anything like this on Macs website which makes me think they don't have this? But i'm not too sure :/
  6. I'm not too sure what it means, but hopefully they are reviewing the casper portions of our applications!
  7. Did anyone else receive an email from "Altus Suite" about updating their OUAC ID? I have literally no idea what this company is or how they have to do with OUAC lol edit: nvm figured out it is the company for Casper, and needed to change my ORPAS ID on the casper site. Is our OUAC ID reference number the same as the "OUAC-ORPAS ID" ?
  8. Hey! I had the same trouble last summer, no one would email back and those that did said they werent able to accept any volunteers due to COVID. What I ended up doing was taking a job at a retirement home. Both LTC + retirement homes are pretty desperate for people right now, and you'll get lots of direct hands-on experience working with people with disabilities! It's definitely not the same as working at an OT clinic but might at least give you some experience during a time when its impossible to shadow/volunteer!
  9. nope, unfortunately it was still part of my degree. I guess it's my own fault for not thinking of that at the time Just wish I had known about this beforehand so I could've explained the reason for it in my application, but since I had no idea I never addressed it. That being said there were still plenty of semesters where I did take a full course load, they just weren't all within the last 2-year time frame that they take your GPA from. Maybe they'll look back and see I was a full-time student for the majority of my undergrad? Who knows though lol
  10. I had no idea this was a thing, I wish they would've put it on their website somewhere. I took a 5th year just because I wasn't ready to decide on a career path yet and to boost my GPA. I only took 2 courses each semester (while also working part-time) so I'm sure this will not help my chances of getting in
  11. I was wondering the same, it would be really helpful to have those notes to turn to when we're actually talking to the interviewer, especially if nerves get overwhelming and we start to lose a train of thought
  12. Does anyone have advice for how to get an academic reference letter from a professor? I only applied to Mac and Western this cycle because they were the only two schools that didn't require a reference letter. I've been out of school for over a year now and lost touch with any professors I knew (although even those ones I barely had a relationship with and wouldn't be comfortable asking). Debating waiting and applying again next year to Queens and UBC (my preferred schools) but would need to get academic reference letters in order to do this. Anyone been in a similar boat, and if so how did yo
  13. Thank you!! I will review these as well I don't think I did great on my casper so I'm definitely feeling nervous for the face-to-face equivalent of that lol
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