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  1. Okay sounds good. Make a link please, I don't know how. Let's make one and I'll send you an email.
  2. Okay sooooo...which platform do we use? We need to get started A$AP. Apps came out today
  3. Hello all. I'd anyone down to practice scenarios online via Discord? We can do a session a day
  4. Do you mind PMing me please. I need to improve my application
  5. See, I don't know where my CASPer is at. I didn't apply to any schools that give feedback. Do you mind sharing how you studied?
  6. Hey, if you don't mind, can I ask you your stats? I thought I was completivie but I'm not. I need to know what I'm missing
  7. Hello all, I hope you are well. I m not sure if this is the correct thread to post this question. I understand that if a Canadian citizen goes to an osteopathic medicical school, or a Caribbean medical school, they will be put in as IMGs by CaRMs when they come back to Canada. However, if a person completes a family medicine residency in the US, how can they return to practice in Canada? Is there a competitive match process, or do they just write the same exam that every other Canadian writes? I ultimately want to peace in Canada and am thinking of going to the Carribean now.
  8. Thank you you awesome person. I'll download discord now
  9. Is it too late to join. I'd like to be added too
  10. Thank all of you to so much feedback. The general consensus appears to be that it's up to the applicant if they wanna report it. There can be a case made either way. It's not as clear cut for first offenders but if a notation ends up on your transcript then you certainly must.
  11. Hello all. There was an issue I had recently at University and long story short, I was charged with an Academic integrity violation. It's was minor so my grade in the course was dropped and no official record of this was kept on my transcript. I have been thinking as to whether I have to select "Yes" to the question of "Have you ever had an academic offence or academic misconduct, or failed a year at, been required to withdraw from, or been denied re-admission to a university" on OMSAS. Though there is no record of this on my transcript, the only way a third party (Medschools)
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