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  1. Applied (OT): Queen's, University of Toronto and Dalhousie (OOP)

    cGPA: 3.90 
    sGPA: 3.97 
    (These are my averages are on a 4.0 scale so not applicable to my Dal application) 

    50 volunteer hours at an OT clinic working directly with clients, 20 volunteer hours making resources at a pediatric SLP clinic, 40 volunteer hours through school club at a children's hospital, completed my Honours thesis on the use of music to alleviate isolation and loneliness in Ontario LTC homes (manuscript about to be submitted), work experience as a research assistant for the Room 217 Foundation, work experience as an assistant teacher for kids in summer school, work experience as a tutor (especially for high school kids struggling with octomester format and quicker pacing), experience planning and leading intergenerational programming for an elementary school and LTC home through one of my third year courses

    Good luck to everyone! It has been wonderful to check out this thread and ask questions through the application process! 

  2. On 1/27/2021 at 2:45 AM, OTHopeful2021 said:

    Were you able to get in touch with them and ask about the character count? It only occurred to me now that there's no official character counter on the app so I'm also unsure about what to do

    Edit: for anyone else applying to dal OT they have emailed me back to let me know that the character limit does include spaces.

    The character count for Dal OT includes spaces! 

  3. Hi guys! 

    Anyone on here a 2020 grad applying to Dal OT? I am trying to submit my Supplementary Application. However when I enter my graduation date for my undrgrad in the format requested (05.20 or 5.20), every time I move to the next section it removes the zero, so my graduate date reads 05.2 or 5.2. I have noticed it does not do this with 21, so it must be some formatting removing the zero and seeing it as invalid? Has anyone had this issue? 

  4. Hi all, 

    I hope the application process is going well for everyone. I had been considering SLP in addition to OT and have volunteer experience in both an SLP and OT clinic. I was wondering what admissions thinks of people who are/were considering both? For example, I was going to include my SLP volunteering on my OT resume because the skills and experiences are applicable to OT, but I don't want admissions to think that I am not committed to OT? I feel like I am overthinking, but just wanted to post on here to see if anyone had any insight. 



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