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  1. Oh right ok that makes sense, does that second ug have to also be an honours if my first ug was an honours bsc? Thanks for your help btw i really appreciate it
  2. Gotcha okay, i read somewhere tho that some schools dont let you apply if your second undergrad isnt completed yet? I emailed UBC but they said it wasnt the case but i think Western says that you have to wait for it to be over. Do you by any chance know how i would be able to calculate my new cGPA should i take a 2 year undergrad at a different university than my original undergrad?
  3. I know theres like 50 million of these posts all over this site but i figured why not make it 50 million and 1 So i finished up my HBsc last april and got a 3.5 gpa (3.05/3.43/3.94 (co-op so only winter 2019 grades, took courses in the summer 3.62)/ 3.67), i also took the MCAT and scored a 510 (127/126/128/129). I only applied this cycle to UBC, Mac, western, ottawa, queens and UofT. I've only heard back from UBC with an R in the 25th - 49.99th percentile bracket (my converted aGPA was like an 81.07 and im IP for BC). I dont think my ECs are bad but regardless im working on getting them bett
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