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  1. I definitely felt that the U of A was more straightforward, however I felt like I rambled ALOT and was very much not concise with my answers. While I struggled with the U of C questions I felt emotionally better afterwards. It's so hard to know if it went well or not!
  2. For those who interviewed at U of A and UCalgary and have already completed both interviews, how do you feel they compare?
  3. As far as I know I think offers are usually rescinded when last semester gpa drops below minimum. For u of a that would be 3.3 for in province, 3.5 for out of province.
  4. I think they’re closed today for family day! just a tip I got that helped me was that the email containing the ccid is from the email address “idadmin@ualberta.ca” I’m not sure if that helps, but it helped me locate it in my email abyss.
  5. Finish reading your invite email haha, it doesnt open until the 16th!
  6. Yeah for sure, I had one of my years excluded for U of C because of part time, and U of A counted it so it really brought down my GPA for U of A.
  7. TIME STAMP: 4:28 PM MSTResult: Invite wGPA: 3.89 MCAT: 512 (126 cars)ECs: Focused on Indigenous, some hospital, 2 pubs, 1 presentation, a lot of personal experience listed Year: 4th year BSc Geography : IP
  8. Just a bit of thought, I think we're naive to think that the two schools do not communicate and make some decisions together. However, my thinking is that U of C wouldn't have released yesterday because they're still ensuring their GPA mishap did not effect interview invites. I know this is a stressy time for everyone so try to take a breath and practice a little self care this week. Good luck friends!
  9. I have no idea, I'm stressed because I think that's just your student ID however I might use it
  10. time Stamp: 1:04 pm Result: InviteGPA: 3.505MCAT: 512 Current/Past Degree: Honours BSc Anthropology (2021 grad)Geography (IP/OOP): IPExtracurricular Activities score /16 (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): 1 pub, 1 conference, sorority exec, indigenous children focused volunteering, hospital volunteering, researching Indigenous health outcomesCASPer: I am not sure? But I felt like it was mediocre
  11. I think you're right! I was thinking of U of C, the onboard MD app I have says that around 1300 applicants apply, so even if it went up to 1500 this year with increase due COVID layoffs/career changes, it should be a one in three assuming ~500 interviews. I have 0 idea how OOP stats would come into play lol.
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