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  1. EXTRA EXPENSIVE to live in Vancouver. Like not sustainable on a med student budget alone.
  2. Ah cool cool. I was just wondering as it seems kind of shifted in their favor. Thanks for sharing the info!
  3. Is this true? Don’t OOP tend to have higher GPAs and MCATs so they would likely have a higher prescore no? Wouldn’t the waitlist benefit OOP people then?
  4. Saying like you understand that if you check the second box you can’t do leader’s of medicine I think. From what I recall it was kind of a haze.
  5. Result: Accepted 3PM MST Geography: IP GPA: 3.87 MCAT: 512 (126 CARS) Degree: BSc Honours Anthropology EC (what I wrote for top ten): sorority exec, volunteer with emergency department, vulnerable populations and the food insecure, commitment to learning a language, giving birth and raising my son during a pandemic, renovating my house, family stuff and how it’s impacted me, research assistant for two profs and one poster presentation at an international conference. Interview: I actually thought this interview went really well. That being said I had an interview co
  6. Haha no don't worry it is comforting to have the community no matter the outcome
  7. You all keep posting in here and my anxiety just keeps raising every time I look and see a new post in this group. No matter what we hear today, make sure you all do a little self care tonight!
  8. Relax only for a short minute as U of C starts pretty much immediately haha
  9. I don't think this would really cause you to be removed from the list or anything, but maybe they would contact you for a follow up.
  10. HE ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS. new blog post up
  11. Thought I would let everyone know that that I had a verifier contacted at 5 today! So hopefully next week we’ll hear something
  12. I would just like to know either way. I hate the waiting more than anything.
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