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  1. Yes I don't know where this info is from. U of T said the number after the interview release so maybe this person emailed ubc directly.
  2. This is very interesting. I don't know why so many people are applying to pharmD this year. This is the case for other universities as well. Despite the fact that a few courses such as labs are not offered this year. This seems strange
  3. No clue but I think we can ask them after the interview results get released
  4. https://discord.gg/q3Km4Zb2 This is the discord that I created. Feel free to join so that we practice.
  5. Don't worry all the areas are now competitive to find a job. This is all a little price we have to pay for out overpopulated planet. Pharmacy is not different. Imagine all other majors also release thousands of graduates into the job pool which I assume it is even more frustrating. Life is hard lol. We will figure it out.
  6. Hey guysss. Congrats to all. I got an interview as well. How are u guys going to prepare
  7. Awesome any info about interview that would be helpful? Thanks again for helping this year kids
  8. Can we all just focus on the main goal of this discussion. I created this discussion to talk about the application deadlines and interviews not the job opportunities. I'm pretty sure there are discussions about that where your info will be greatly appreciated but this discussion is not the best place for your info. Anyone interested can also look up those discussions where they can find similar info which will be helpful for their purpose, but this discussion purpose is not related to these types of info. Thanks all.
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