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  1. Awesome any info about interview that would be helpful? Thanks again for helping this year kids
  2. Can we all just focus on the main goal of this discussion. I created this discussion to talk about the application deadlines and interviews not the job opportunities. I'm pretty sure there are discussions about that where your info will be greatly appreciated but this discussion is not the best place for your info. Anyone interested can also look up those discussions where they can find similar info which will be helpful for their purpose, but this discussion purpose is not related to these types of info. Thanks all.
  3. Thanks guys but at this point during this pandemic with little motivation for us to even focus on regular life, adding these info is just too much. We all have read these info and it would be awesome if you guys don't ruin our very little motivation to function. Thanks
  4. New update! Interview notices should come till the end of February. Check your emails guys and good luck!!!
  5. Then can we all inform here if we got an interview so that we figure out they are sending them. Only one person is enough to say to show that they have started of u guys are not comfortable sharing
  6. Oh thanks sorry I didn't know the abbreviation. Also I'm more nervous about the interview than the letter:(
  7. Hey all!!! Let's talk about pharmD application cycle of U of T and help each other
  8. Hey all I'm creating this discussion for the people who are applying to pharmD this year and want to talk to the people who are on the same boat. Hope u guys join the chat.
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