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  1. So applicants' sGPA will still be based on their third and fourth year?? I'm in my forth year, so if they don't take my winter 2020 grades, I only have 2 semesters worth of grades for them before May haha
  2. Does anyone know how U of A will calculate the sGPA this year since they aren't counting Winter 2020 grades. Are they using fewer credits to count the sGPA or will they look back further (more second year grades) to get enough 60 credits?
  3. From my understanding, they average your whole year if your 20th credit fall in between any term of an academic year (both fall and winter term). I emailed them to confirm that because I am in my fourth year of undergrad and I had 16 credits completed since my third year, so they averaged my whole second year, fall 2018 and winter 2019 to make up for my remaining 4 credits from this term. it sucks because it also dropped my sGPA quite a bit!!
  4. Hi everyone!! I want to jump on the train with this thread! Reading back to some of last year's stats also got me panicking. Applied: All OT: U of A, Mac, Western, Dalhousie Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: cGPA: 2.91... yes I know it's terrible () SubGPA: 3.9 My strengths and background: I volunteered at a rehabilitation gym for the past 3 years as a rehabilitation assistant. I volunteered for a brain injury society a-little at the meantime. I also volunteered at a few multidisciplinary clinics. I was a student association board member and then pre
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