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  1. Hi! I was accepted into UofA and Mac OT and I didn't have any direct OT experience. Majority of my volunteer work was physio related.
  2. I'm from BC! I got accepted into U of A OT and Mac OT, I'm debating between the two as well!
  3. Thank you!! So if they don't email us anything by the 17th, it means everything is all good??
  4. Hi!! I was accepted into U of A OT and I mailed the form and check back to the address provided less than a week ago and my GSMS portal still says "pre- screening".. is that happening for anyone else as well?? I was to email and ask but don't want to seem annoying haha
  5. Has anyone from BC or outside on the Atlantic Provinces received their admission from Dal OT yet?? I am getting so nervous! haha
  6. Congrats to everyone who got into Dal OT so far!! I just want to confirm if I'm calculating my sGPA correctly I'm in my final semester of undergrad so I'm missing my grades from this term. I did 5 classes every term except for last term I did 6. So I have 16 credits done so far during my 3rd and 4 th year. Will Dal only take my Second year winter grades to makeup for the outstanding 4 credits or will they do it like Ontario and use the average of the entire second year???
  7. End of May! Damn that's soo late. I was hoping in the next week ahahahah. Thank you for the update tho!
  8. Im so confused haha. With my school, sept- dec is considered fall grades and they do count. Winter 2020 was when covid first hit so Jan 2020 to April 2020, I believe that's the only semester they aren't counting.
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