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  1. Result: Invite Status: OOP MCAT: 525 (131 cars) GPA: 3.89 Year: 4th UG CASPER: did pretty terribly. No invite from McMaster and was 0-20 percentile for Manitoba. This invite is such a surprise!
  2. Yeah, 5th quintile. I'm trying to use my entire brain right now and somehow rationalize it. Maybe the OOP pool that made the MCAT cutoff was small and amazing smart? LOL anything to keep my self-esteem from crumbling
  3. meeeee. im literally so scared for mcmaster right now.
  4. IP/OOP: OOP Decision: Regrets MCAT: 525 aGPA: idk, 3.87 OMSAS Coefficients: none well then. now im scared for mcmaster.
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