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  1. oh okay great! Just wondering why you wouldn't average your whole third year (so 3.5 credits out of the 10 credits) instead of just doing the first semester?
  2. So in my situation, they would not even look at 3 courses from my 1st semester of 3rd year? Basically, I just take the most recent 20 courses and with their respective gpa, I average all that up to calculate the sub-gpa because on the ORPAS site, they said something about averaging the next groupings to make up the 20 courses? Sorry for asking so much! I was calculating my sub-gpa and tbh it was way higher than my c-gpa and thought something was wrong with my calculations
  3. So they literally take your last 20 half credits and average the gpa according to each respective course? Since I saw a youtube vid where someone who applied in their fourth year had to use 5 courses from their 2nd year. However, ORPAS had to average out the full 2nd year and then use that average for the 5 remaining slots in the last 20 courses instead of just selecting the best 5 courses from that 2nd year?
  4. Anyone have any idea on how ORPAS calculates the sub-gpa? My situation is kind of unique. my credits goes like this: After graduation - took 1 course (0.5 half credits) 4th year - took 11 courses (5.5 full credits) summer going into 4th year - took 1 course (0.5 half credits) 3rd year - took 10 courses (5.0 full credits) That being said, how would ORPAS group this into 20 ORPAS courses? On the website, they said that they average the groupings? Can anyone help me with my specific case? you can also inbox me thanks in advance and greatly appreciate it!
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