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  1. Result: Rejected GPA: 3.92 (89%) DAT: 21 AA/20 PAT/21 RC ABS: very diverse Interview: below average; not prepared properly
  2. No because that wouldn't be fair to applicants not from uoft. At uoft, an 85% or higher is a 4.0, whereas on omsas, it's 90% or higher.
  3. DAT: 21 AA, 20 PAT GPA: 3.92 IP Undergrad completed
  4. Waitlisted: 3:55 PM EST GPA: 3.92 IP Interview: went very smoothly, felt like a conversation. Was able to highlight my experiences/background
  5. The lack of communication by adcom is ridiculous. A simple update would have saved us from all this stress
  6. That's literally what a graduating dental student from uwo said during the meet and greet session. I don't understand where the slander came from
  7. Same finished a bit early too. Felt okay about it but thought I could do better
  8. Has anyone heard of when this will be administered? I was told I needed to do it when I asked for approval of my physiology courses back in the fall. Got invited for an interview but no mention of this exam anywhere. The website says it'll be during interview weekend but I doubt this applies if they haven't contacted applicants about it.
  9. TIME STAMP: 10:16 PM Result: Regrets GPA: 3.86 CV: Diverse experiences in healthcare, education, research, social justice; some dental-related roles Year: UG completed Feelings about Casper: not good, way too many technical difficulties that threw me off Applicant category: OOP
  10. TIMESTAMP: 11:23 AM GPA: 3.92 (89%) DAT SCORE: 21 AA, 21 RC, 20 PAT YEAR OF STUDY: Undergrad completed IP/OOP: IP Interview Offer: Invite!
  11. Just an fyi, but some schools (like uoft) offer Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc) but this has nothing to do with having completed an honours program (like a final year thesis), nor have achieved great academic achievement. Basically everyone gets that designation even BAs. Correction: to get HBSc or HBA at uoft, you need to have a cGPA of 1.85/4.0 or greater (which translates to around a C-)
  12. Invited IP DAT: 21 AA, 20 PAT, 21 RC GPA: 3.92 Casper: the amount of technical issues I had, surprised I did good enough for an interview lol
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