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  1. Thank you. I suspected that it may be a combination of both, but 2 hours and 45 minutes is a lot of time for MMI and panel, considering there are 500+ of us, and we won't be at the school to receive a tour.
  2. Has anyone looked into this further? I don't want to be annoying and spam the admissions committee as I'm sure they are busy, and they said they'll let us know. At the same time, I'm curious as I am trying to prepare. My interview slot is from 11-1:45, so I'm trying to conjure up what those 2.75 hours may look like. Any guesses?
  3. My mind has been all over the place during this stressful time. I checked my google docs, and it turns out I have a copy. Thank you so much!
  4. Hey guys, For those of you that have received an interview invite, are you able to click on your forms on launchpad and see the details? Mine will not let me, and it keeps saying, "Registration is no longer available because the registration deadline has passed" I wanted to review my application prior to my interview, but it will not let me. I have some friends that can see theirs, so I am quite confused as the addcom hasn't said much other than it may be a glitch.
  5. When I applied to UofC I wasn't aware of any potential conflicts of interest with the interviewers. I've been talking to someone for a few months that happens to be a doctor, and we haven't talked about my interest in medical school, as I was applying to a number of programs when we met. As of late, I'm starting to think that they will be one of the interviewers as their time seems to be really locked up around the interview weekends, and the dates shifted with the UofC interview shift. I'm wondering if I should bring this up with the admissions committee after talking to them if this turns ou
  6. Unfortunately, I'm sitting here marinating in my anxiety.
  7. I'm about to enter my student ID. They have your birthday, name, and email, so I'm sure they can figure out who you are if the system doesn't correct it.
  9. I'm totally with you on this! I'm very anxious to just know. It could be today, but they said the 10th - 12th, so who knows which day(s) they'll come out.
  10. I think you should still apply. My cousin's best friend got in last year with a 3.67 wGPA and 3.61 cGPA. She had a bachelor's degree, no masters or PhD, no research and wasn't an Indigenous applicant. She had lots of work experience and community service under her belt, and I'm sure her references were stellar.
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