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  1. It turns out I'm still logged on from my phone! Thank you! I'm rooting for you too!
  2. I've emailed admissions, and I got the automated email. I hope they respond sometime tomorrow.
  3. I'm happy for you! I give up. I'm logging out.
  4. Thank you for this. My last name is starts with a T, and I have not received an update.
  5. Calgary does things one by one. I wouldn't be surprised if UofA does the same, or does groups. I wish I could be as rational as you. I wouldn't say I'm mad, but I feel like throwing in the towel at this point. I've finished my cup of tea, and dried off from the rain. Now I'm back at square one - frustrated. They were so sneaky to post these updates right before 4:00 when their offices closed.
  6. I mean, they have like 162 seats + waitlists offers to send out. My guess is that they are busy.
  7. Do any of you think they do it in chunks, like half today, half tomorrow? Or do you think it's all at once? If it's all at once, I'm failing to understand why emails weren't sent out today.
  8. It's not on beartracks, love. It's on launchpad. If you have an iphone, it's right about the "forms" heading.
  9. Oh man. I'm just going to take my tea, and sit in the rain. BRB
  10. I've been hearing from some 4th year students that are currently at the UofA who have this on launchpad. I also heard from someone that has never went to the UofA that also does not have it. I hope this is just a glitch. Like everyone else, I just want to be accepted.
  11. I was hoping that too! I saw some people on the infamous Red_it blog talking about that. I am a UofA alum, so I was hoping that is update is only for new students so that I could put my mind at ease.
  12. I'm panicking because I don't see this. Apparently it's right above the "Forms" section. I pray that this is a glitch, or they aren't done updating everything for the accepted/waitlist. This is what it says according to people on the forum that have it: "For most students new to the University of Alberta, a non-refundable tuition deposit is required in order to accept your offer of admission and confirm a spot in your program. Your spot in the program is not confirmed until we receive your payment."
  13. Hey, I was lurking on an online forum, and some people have noted the change on launchpad with tuition deposit information and information on reserving a seat. Can everyone see this? For previous year applicants, is this indicative of an acceptance/waitlist offer?
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