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  1. Hi, I want to do my prerequisites in sciences this winter but I can’t decide between Concordia or Dawson. what is the easiest route? Doing it in a cegep or university? I heard people say that Dawson is horrible for chemistry and physics classes. I also heard that Concordia has hard physics classes. If I go to Concordia it would be as an indépendant student. I just want to have good grades in my prerequisite. Also I work full time as a lawyer so it would help if the classes are easier. I also heard about athabasca school. what do you guys think? Thank you in advance.
  2. If I do a second degree in montreal. Do you suggest I do something in science or i can do it in psychology or sociology? thank you.
  3. Salut, je suis montréalaise et je pense à appliquer aux études en médecine en Belgique. Est-ce que c’est cher pour les étudiants étranger? sinon l’examen d’entrée qu’il faut faire est-ce que ça implique que je dois avoir mes préalables en sciences du cegep? Merci d’avance.
  4. Thank you all for your responses. Oui je suis francophone, d’ailleurs plus francophone qu’anglophone. Je n’ai pas du tout pensé à l’option européenne. Je vais faire mes recherches. Merci milles fois!
  5. Hi, thank you all for your responses. yes I did law as an undergraduate. I went directly from cegep (Quebec) to law school. i did my research this week and talked to many schools and it’s seems like my only chance to go to medical school is by doing a second undergrad and applying to McGill or UOttawa, since they will only consider my GPA of my second degree. what do you guys think about the schools in the Caribbean. 20k + of tuition a semester is a hard pill to swallow. thank you.
  6. Thank you very much for your fast reply. I’m currently in a much better financial state. I put a lot of money aside and my family’s situation is also a lot better. So I don’t mind studying another 10 years. i had under 3 of GPA in law school which I know is awful. But at the time my objectif was to finish school as fast as possible and enter the work field. I was able to pass the bar exam and I’ve been working as a lawyer since 2016. i always wanted to become a doctor and I feel I can contribute to society much more in the medical field. Thank you again. It’s very appreciated.
  7. Hello, i work currently as a lawyer. Il graduated from law school in 2014 from Université of Montreal. I had sadly very poor grades in law school since I had to work 50 hours a week to be able to help my family. I wish to go to medical school but I don’t know if it’s possible for me since I had bad grades in law school. Also I want to do my prerequisite science classes before applying as an independent student. Should I think of doing a second degree to get better grades before trying for med school ? Also is thirty to old to start school again and do the prerequisites and maybe another underg
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