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  1. If you have spent a long time away from school and aren't familiar with the material, maybe consider purchasing a subscription to study platforms such as DATCrusher or DATBootcamp. They offer lessons that walk you through all of the concepts which is a good idea if you need the guidance. If you are confident in your self studying abilities, then you won't need to spend tons of money on those services. When I wrote my DAT in November I compiled all of the free resources I could find on the internet like textbook pdf's, notes, websites, and scored a 27 A.A. I even made use of free MCAT stu
  2. That interview was definitely did not reflect the many hours I spent preparing for it. I really wish they had given more details on what to expect ahead of time.... But it sounds like the interviewers weren't really making a big effort to get to know us, is it possible that it's being weighted less since it's virtual this year?
  3. Invite! GPA: 3.90 DAT: 27AA 26RC 22PAT IP
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