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  1. en toute honneteté, je pense que la raison pour laquelle Sherby veut attendre jusqu'au 19, c'est parcequ'ils prévoient envoyer d'autres refus cette semaine (j'assume ce vendredi soir, comme ils ont fait la semaine dernière). Parceque si tout les refus étaient deja sorti, je pense pas qu'ils attendraient derniere minute pour envoyer les formulaires. Selon moi, après ces autres refus, ils resteraient just les convoqués soit les 800 personnes d'habitude
  2. So, I see I'm joining the party late, but count me in pour les pratiques! J'ai rempli le sondage just in case!
  3. Well for dent, I got an invite and when I scroll down, in the checklist it says what stuff I need to submit for the MMI
  4. Yep. They only do one MMI for both programs, so if you ace the interview well that's gonna boost your chances for the 2 programs, but if you bomb the interview, then it's dead for both. Good luck to everyone with the MMI
  5. But seriously tho, Is there anything that could explain that I didn't get the invite for med-p, cause if i got it for dent-p then my casper wasn't a catastrophe, so with my crc and my cv which are good and casper which is not bad, and they both use the same ponderation (70% rscore 20% casper 10% cv) how in the world did i not get a med-p invite. WTF McGill I guess you're not super good at math then ahahaha
  6. Thank you everyone for your support! If I could I would love all of your posts, but Im outta hearts so here's for all of you <3<3<3<33333
  7. ok so now im just lost. McGill med I got refused right off the bat. But then for dent p I just got an invite (further review required), isn't it 70 rscore 20 casper 10 cv for dent too. How in the world did I get refused for med then? Ig my english casper wasnt as bad after all. WTF Rn MCGill im just so confused.
  8. Thank you so much. I'm outta reacs so here is big hearts for you man <3 <3 <3
  9. Let's go!!! You totally deserve it man!!! Now go ace that interview
  10. yooooo I just realized. Le CASPer pour ULaval was my french CASPer, but for McGill was the English one. So, ig I really failed my English CASPer to get refused so early on... rip
  11. Bruh, McGill just accepted me in neuroscience. Are you trying to give a consolation prize or what? Tbh McGill is just so random sometimes...
  12. meme pas mon casper a meet cut off pour ulaval. Pis avec crc de 35.9 pis un cv de feu i really thought I had a chance. Here are my stats
  13. ok so ils ont commencé a sortir les refus. Je suis désolé. Hope you better chance to the other unis. Tkt Mine is on its way
  14. mais Est-ce qu'ils sortent les convocations en premier and then les refus? or is it just plain random... Mcgill why are you doing this to me
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