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  1. Hello everyone! I just re-applied to NOSM for this application cycle. I remember that last cycle I received an acknowledgment email from NOSM thanking me for applying. I didn't receive one this year. I'm just wondering if anyone received an email this year (just want to make sure I'm not missing anything lol). Thank you!
  2. Hello, As per the initial interview invite email, it said that an email would be sent out 2 weeks before from Kira Talent where we can register for the interview. I was just wondering if anyone has received that email yet? Cheers!
  3. Timestamp: 7:41am Interview: Yes GPA: 3.92 Context: Lived in NO whole life but not rural, went to SO for uni (lived in NO for summer) ECs: Research + NSERC, hospital volunteer, shadowed physiotherapist, club exec at uni, residence advisor, with some other random ECs Non-trad?: No # of previous applications: 0 Interview Location/Date/Time: Online, March 6 (Sat) at 10am
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