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  1. what about for a BC resident? I heard if you have like 74%+ you should be okay for an interview? not sure how true that is though
  2. a few of you asked me where I got this information from -- I contacted admissions directly!
  3. guys update: apparently around 700-1000 people applied this year, usually they give out interviews to 400-500 is my guesstimate so sounds like its really competitive. also I confirmed and we won't be getting it around April 1st, probably a few weeks into April
  4. did you apply for year round housing or winter session? if you go to the ssc --> housing and food --> application status --> waitlisted you should be able to see your waitlist number
  5. If you apply now you might not get housing for next year, I applied since last august and my lowest waitlist number is 500. So yeah, I think apply as soon as possible because chances are that you might have difficultly finding on campus residence if you apply later than now
  6. yeah idk if its covid or because a lot of people applied - I have a feeling there are less people than usual who applied to the program
  7. ^^ yeah I agree, I don't know what's happening - I emailed admissions a few weeks ago and they said we should be getting it around the first two weeks of march - if we don't get it next week then there's definitely something wrong
  8. Nope, I've seen in past years that people should've gotten it by now..
  9. Hey guys, Do any of you mind sharing your first year core and last 30 credit averages? My first year core average isn't that great and I'm scared I might not get an offer for an interview
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