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  1. Received an offer this morning at 9:11am which I will be accepting!! Goodluck to everyone else still waiting☺️
  2. Time Stamp: 9:30am WL Ranking (H, N, L): N Accepting Another Offer (Y/N): undecided
  3. Posting stats for the spreadsheet Time Stamp (created): 9:04 am Result: Good WL cGPA of last 3 years: 3.98 Stream: English
  4. Has anyone who got an invite gotten their second email for more interview day details yet?? The email said in the next few days so was just wondering! Oops right after posting this I realized other people already asked the same question sorry!!
  5. Time Stamp: Jan 28, 3:12PM (EST) Invite/reject: Invite! IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: 3.98 MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 129/128/131/129 Essays (X/8): 8/8 Fairly diverse activities overall, with one repeat. Worked on them for about a month and had multiple people edit. Really tried to make sure what I learned was relevant to the question, different for each activity, and genuine. I also focused on how exactly each lesson would help me in the future as a physician. Good luck to everyone!!!
  6. Completely forgot to post yesterday Invite/Rejection: Invite Time Stamp: January 28, 2021 (2:58 PM) Location: IP Stream: English cGPA: 3.97 Current year: 4th year ECs: Research (no pubs, only volunteer work and a thesis course), founder/pres of a few clubs since high school, some unique employment (gymnastics coach, senior home leisure tech) but nothing long-term, clubs, hospital volunteering. I've also been involved with my school's First Response Team for a couple years. Overall I filled all entries but nothing that really stands out. Casper: Felt okay about it, got cut-off on a fe
  7. Guys they might be going alphabetically cause they ppl i know that got invites have last names near the beginning of the alphabet
  8. Hey! I'm also doing interview prep currently and would be down to practice together!
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