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  1. Hey, thanks everyone for the interest. As of now we are full.
  2. Ok, I have created a whatsapp for this. Please PM if interested.
  3. Having some difficulty with the group chat situation.
  4. Sweet, the group chat has yet to be created, and the time zone is central time. Will work on this later. Not too familiar with whatsapp but I'm sure it's easy to set up and figure out.
  5. Cool, I made a zoom meeting for Saturday Jan. 16 @ 12:00 PM. Message if interested and I'll send the codes. If there's a better way to organize this anyone is free to take over and/or make a suggestion. I picked that time randomly, hopefully it works for people.
  6. Hey, just wondering if anyone is interested in doing some MMI prep on zoom. Could possibly make a group chat if there is interest in that.
  7. Hey I have an interview at Manitoba and would be interested in practicing as well
  8. Hey there, also interested, have an interview at Manitoba
  9. Hey I would like to practice as well
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