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  1. Same thing for the french waitlist. Heres the link in case you havent added your stats yet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OHfYEzYa8ug9PiA0WizLom_8CcNha6aRIO-OttMcxKk/edit#gid=0
  2. Probably within the next few days tbh. Does anyone know if you receive a call or an email if you're called off the waitlist?
  3. Time created for sure. Time received varies for each individual based on the type of email they have
  4. It will also be more evident next cycle, when the current second years will be applying to med with inflated GPA's. Take it in, they only had 1 full semester of in-person schooling. The rest was online and with the option to p/f. Wouldn't be surprised if every school saw 600+ more applicants at least given that this year, almost every school saw +400 increase
  5. EC's are solid! As a third year student, you need to be pretty exceptional to get interviews and ultimately admitted, and while a 3.55-3.6 is recoverable, it's quite damaging for a 3rd year applicant. Hypothetically, if you were to get a 3.95-4.0 next year, your GPA when applying would be 3.75 which isn't very competitive if im being completely honest. You could maybe manage to get a queens or mac interview if your MCAT goes very well, but you'd be screened out of Ottawa and UofT because of your gpa.
  6. At most institutions now, they allow you to hide your worst grade for each semester, and this causes people's GPA to skyrocket. To give you an idea, my institution runs on a 10.0 scale, and 2 years ago, the cutoff for NSERC/USRA was 9.1... this year the cutoff for NSERC was 9.7/10, which is equivalent to a 3.97/4.0... Do you know how crazy this is!! Previously tough courses such as anatomy are now becoming easy electives because of the ease to ctrl f and no proctoring services being implemented. Almost every class does not have a proctoring tool, and if it does, its something insignificant suc
  7. Hi Max. I commend you for your resilience and perseverance in your journey to medical school. I just wanted to give you my take for the schools you mentioned. I figured the best advice to give is the one that isn't sugar-coated, so I apologize if this isn't what you may want to hear. -Mac: unfortunately, with a cgpa of 3.3, you stand next to no chance without doing a second undergrad. Even then, pulling up a low cgpa is very tough and you'd probably need a 130+ CARS and near perfect casper to stand a chance. -Queens: You definitely stand a chance there so long as you continue your re
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