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  1. Hope all is well and preparing for the Fall DAT which will be between October-November. I'm posting this thread to see if other pre-dental students want to share resources as these program despite being great resources are pretty expensive. I currently have BOOTCAMP, KAPLAN and a bunch of American and Canadian practice exams which will be of sufficient aid, especially for the RC section. Let me know if anyone has DATdestroyer, CRACKDAT and Pirnceton exams (or any additional practice exams). My biggest issue was the RC section as I got 22 on the SNS and 24 on PAT. I can give you some
  2. TFE has changed within the past few years and the lining method will probably work for 2-3 questions out of 15. I thought Bootcamp's practice tests were high yield. The good thing with the PAT as opposed to the other sections, is that it doesn't need to be particularly based on practice tests because it is a skill more so than theory based. Also don't worry about a rock keyhole question which will usually be 1 and won't affect your score heavily. When I started PAT review, my keyhole scores were good but TFE was poor (usually half correct) but by the end TFE became straightforward but I did dr
  3. I did try to mix up a variety of Texts especially for BIO (Cliffs AP Biology, DATBootcamp BIO Academy, DATCrusher and even a bit of Khan's videos. Overall, they covered the questions in the Bio section but there were a lot of details that were not necessary; especially in Bootcamp Academy.) When it comes down to BIO, I think a good strategy would be to focus on as much theory as possible for the first 2-3 weeks if you have already written the exam and then try to find as much related practice exams as possible but more importantly, try to actually learn from all of your answers; which wa
  4. Hello Folks, I have started my preparation for the Canadian DAT coming up in the next 12-15 weeks. I have written the DAT in November and unfortunately my RC score was disappointing and damaged the overall AA. I decided to make this post for whoever that wrote the DAT and the new test takers to discuss the main takeaways as well as a new form of preparation. The biggest lesson that I've learned, is changing the style of my prep and focusing on mainly practice tests as much as possible. I got into too much details, especially in BIO & CHEM which is unnecessary for the Canadian DAT. If
  5. Hello Ash, I did get another email similar to yours delaying it until the end of this month. They originally placed an announcement for today back when I contacted them in the beginning of last month, so it may possibly be delayed which I hope it doesn't. I don't think its a good idea to keep delaying reviewing because it won't be as fresh and hope to get a date ASAP which so far seems to me to be in mid March. I did write the fall exam and can give you feedback if interested. Best, Ali
  6. I had emailed them previously numerous times and the only message that I got was that updates will be sent out on the 15th of this month. I've already booked to check early that date just in case to sign up for the limited number of spots. I'm still not sure about the dates but will assume that it may be pushed back anywhere from 2-6 weeks.
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