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  1. I did get into PT at ULaval so at least I know I didn't completely mess up my Casper.
  2. Hi! I was wondering if anybody had any wisdom regarding the PT wait list that they would like to share. my RScore was 34.5 and my Casper was meh. They unfortunately don’t tell you what place you are on the waiting list but could anyone tell me if they think I have a shot at getting in?
  3. I have 34.5 and I'm still on the waiting list:/
  4. 34.5 amd I'm still on review... i just wanna hope I hear back before may 1st
  5. did you guys get an email when you got admitted or did you have to check minerva?
  6. does anybody know when the offers are coming out? ive gotten refused by every med program and this is my backup plan
  7. refusée:( en plus jpensais que javais bien fait ca... jai juste une cote r de 34.5 alors jai vraiment pas d'espoir pour les autres ecoles:/
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