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  1. hahaha I wasn't talking about other medical school applications i wish !
  2. Perhaps but they should allow enough time to sort out scheduling conflicts
  3. I just realized that the interviews would be held some time in February/March. Rather soon ...
  4. Timestamp: 8:27 am Interview: Regret OMSAS GPA: 3.8 Stream : Francophone Context: lived the past years in Eastern Ontario not in a remote community EC: Extremely varied experience - currently an RN # application cycles: This is my first. Non-trad, 25 + with 2 Undergraduate degrees Best of luck to everyone else !
  5. I have no patience at this point and even tried to call them now - but they said to leave a message and they will call us back.... arghh ...
  6. Its almost like they are trying to torture us ... At this point we are mid-week. I have been trying to tell myself to just pretend its coming end of January and stop thinking about it. I havent stopped thinking about it and my mailbox is getting tired of being refreshed ...
  7. Same ! I jumped ! I was on my phone and came out of nowhere so aggressively in my face I wasn't prepared haha. Hopefully we hear very soon.
  8. Someone in another thread said they spoke to admissions today and that they would be sending it out early next week. How did you get yours sooo early ! Lucky !
  9. I have been checking my spam emails this week, just in case haha . Im nervous but just want to know ...
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