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  1. I really hope Dal OT at least announce something like a date for us. Their website literally has no info about what they are going to do after application deadline.
  2. ok thank god I wasn't the only one didn't receive the email from them. I made sure I submitted the supplementary paper and other stuff, but I was worried cuz there's no response from them XD I guess it's a waiting game now, ugh.
  3. For anyone who is applying to dal OT (OR anyone who's writing personal statement), what did you guys generally talk about on the 1500 characters PS? I mainly talked about my work experiences with children with developmental disabilities, but I am not 100% sure if this is what they are looking for..
  4. I'm from Dal. I don't know if other schools does the same thing as Dal for emailing transcripts, but this is what they say when you request an official transcript from them: COVID-19 Notice – Please Read Completely Due to COVID-19, all staff are working remotely. At this time, we are able to issue official academic transcripts either by regular mail or email. Please select only one delivery method. If both are selected, regular mail will be the default option. MAIL: Enter a complete mailing address below. EMAIL: Indicate a recipient email address(es) in the first line o
  5. when did you submit your grad application? I heard they take 3-5 business days to get the reference forms emailed to your referees. I paid for my online application in early December and it only took like ~2 days to get it emailed to my profs.
  6. I was a former dal student so I have my original banner number... but make sure to email FGS they are a lot faster than OT admissions department!
  7. I think they have the specific section for the personal statement so I don't think they will have any limit on the spaces. And yes they take so long to respond to an email
  8. I am also applying to Dal OT, but yes they are very slow with their response :( Hopefully they update my reference letter status soon! I don't know if Dal does any interviews, I think they just look at your supplementary docs (your personal essay, etc.), GPA, and reference letters... Anyone know anything about dal OT?
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