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  1. Definitely ask for help to ot admission! Don’t hold back to it, just keep sending emails to them so they can fix your situation asap!!!!!
  2. I sent my email to ot admissions and I got the reply like couple hours later from them. This is what I got!
  3. yes! I just received the email from the grad department the day after I checked my application status. They also attached the official letter with the email.
  4. I think you need to check with the admission about this.. From their website says that they count your last 20 credits so they will fill the gap somehow from other years.
  5. Hey! What email did you use to accept your offer? The letter doesn’t really specify their email on it
  6. Just keep checking it online! I am sure you will also get in since your gpa is similar to mine!
  7. I just randomly checked on my application status and I somehow got accepted?!??? Dal applicants go check it now!!!
  8. Have heard nothing from them either. It seems that they are poorly organized with their application process.
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