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  1. Some people on **DELETED** said they got rejections?? around 30 mins ago (EST)??
  2. Thanks! Also i see that you're doing a peds speciality, can i ask which med school you went to?
  3. So i'm currently in my 4th year at UTM, I was thinking about taking an extra semester (graduating in November and not June) to raise my GPA (Its currently around 3.8 on the OMSAS scale) but how would Ontario Medical Schools look at courses taken during an extra semester? Would they be included in the GPA calculation and help to increase my GPA or is doing an extra semester not worth it (you would really need an extra full year) and I should just graduate in June? I'm still waiting to hear back from Queens and UofT, but I wanted to plan in case I don't get in, if I don't take an extra sem
  4. Yea i watched the UofT interview video and they said rejections would be end of January, so maybe?
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