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  1. Yes I did, today around 2pm. It was a general email from " MRO McGill Communications "
  2. Hi! I just received an email regarding course registrations starting June 1 (which I believe is for most faculties)...but I think June 7 for medicine. I was wondering if anyone knew which courses (course numbers etc) we were to register for yet? I tried to research on mcgill's med site but no luck...or will the admissions email us this info before registration opens? Thanks for any clarification!
  3. Yes, I will be trying again this year. If you have made some changes/improvements to your application (CV as well as your casper) this year, that will most probably also boost your rank to maybe getting an interview. Stay positive and good luck!!
  4. Hi, Yes, it is definitely possible. I applied 2 years ago with very low rank...maybe 150ish(I forget exactly) and last year I was waitlisted at 21st place after interviews (for outaouais campus). Unfortunately I did not get in, but it is a definite improvement. I would say however, it all depends on what was causing your rank to be lower; for me, it was my pre-req courses, which I redid and boosted my grades therefore giving me a better chance and higher rank. Hope thid helps.
  5. Hi I would like to join too if it is not too late. Please and thank you!! Email is vanaa.93@gmail.com
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