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  1. I didn't even realize there were traps loll XD oups....oh well.
  2. J'ajouterais aussi (si cela n'a pas déjà été fait), que tu dois avoir tout fait tes cours préalables en sciences (ils se donnent à l'UdeM). Et oui, tu devrais miser au moins 4/4.3 de moyenne générale si tu veux que ton dossier soit compétitif (dépendemment de l'indice de force de ton programme).
  3. LOL omg....first time interview ever....felt like sh*t....XD really hard to know your performance......At least (for me), I didn't let the stress take control over my speech, and I really was myself, so we'll see in March Good luck everyone!
  4. I received mine! You can write to them, I'm pretty sure they're gonna reply fast. Must be an error!
  5. Catégorie : Uni COTE R/ GPA pré-covid : 3,94/4,3 COTE R / GPA post-covid ( si applicable) : 3,94/4,3 Programme : Bac + Maîtrise en microbiologie (l'année passé ma CRU était d'environ 33) CASPER impressions: Très bien été, j'écris vite, j'ai mieux performé que l'année dernière selon moi! Commentaires : J'ai été invité aux entrevues de Mcgill cette année!! (2ième fois que j'applique et première fois entrevue). Je sais que bon nombre d'entre vous focus beaucoup sur les notes (et je comprend), mais personnellement, ce n'est pas juste une question de performance académique
  6. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! It gives me a little hope:D And good luck to you too!!!!!
  7. Like I said, don't know if it's increasing, or if they generally accept this amount of applicant, but I saw that on a TVA nouvelle post https://www.tvanouvelles.ca/2020/05/22/quebec-augmente-les-admissions-en-medecine
  8. I just read that 62 places will be offer from people outside Quebec province, but it doesn't say if it's OOP or Int and it doesn't says if it is 62 more, or 62 in general....:/
  9. Thank you!! yeah it help! It's really disappointing that you didn't get it Are you trying again this year? Knowing that you upgrade a lot, you would have more chances this year!? And considering that this year, the pre-req are not considered anymore! I forgot to mention that I didn't get the interview last year I was 350ish/788
  10. Hello! Mcgill invitation for interview are coming in one week and I was wondering, for people who already lived this experience and apply more than one time. It's my second time applying and last year I was rank 350ish. This year, I prepared more for the Casper (didn't prepare last year), and upgraded my EC. I am an IP applicant second year master. So my question is, do you think, considering my rank last year, that I could have a chance to be invite for the interview? C'est-tu déjà arriver à quelqu'un? To pass from a certain rank and then go higher and get the interview? Désolé pour mon
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