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  1. I heard results were out, congrats to everyone who got accepted! I'm planning on applying next year and was wondering if you guys mind sharing your stats? IP/OOP DAT (BIO/CHEM/RC/PAT) GPA Interview
  2. I asked Jean Lyon and she said probably not because it wouldn't make sense to interview and then have a DAT cut off. So DAT will just be for final selection probably.
  3. Congrats! And I'm assuming a lot more than previous years as the IP cut off was only 3.75 and the OOP cut off was 4.0 and I think a lot of applicants have those minimums.
  4. April oh my... I've already got crusher and started studying. Some schools look at the Feb DAT for final selection, so I'm assuming they won't be this year?
  5. HEAL 1600 is great one also! It was recommended to me by my advisor as it is a great course for anyone wanting to pursue a career in healthcare.
  6. The website now says to check back for updates regarding the Feb DAT on Jan 31st. So I'm assuming registration for the DAT will be sometime february and the actual DAT will likely be in March? It's hard studying and making a schedule not having any idea when the exam is going to be /:
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