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  1. Applied (OT): UBC, U of A, U of M, Dalhousie, U of T, Queen's, McMaster, Western (yes, all the English speaking schools lol I clearly was not confident I'd get in anywhere) Accepted: UBC, U of A, Western, U of M (not really accepted, but I got an interview invite and declined) Waitlisted: Rejected: McMaster, U of T, Queen's, Dalhousie (never heard back from them so I'm assuming) GPA: ORPAS sGPA - 3.71, cGPA - 3.69, UBC GPA - ~83% (I think, but my calculations could be wrong) Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Definitely felt like my essays were stronger for the schools
  2. Got accepted at Western for OT! Rejected from U of T and Mac. Nothing from Queen's on ORPAS or in my email, so I'm guessing a rejection from there as well. Congrats everyone!!
  3. Got my acceptance from U of A OT today. I'm unsure if they calculate GPA the same as ORPAS but my ORPAS sGPA is 3.71. For those of you worried about full time versus part time course loads affecting admission, I did not do a full time course load in my third and fourth years of undergrad but still managed to get in (and I know U of A explicitly stated they show preference to those who did full course loads). I've already accepted my UBC offer though so I will be declining. Hopefully someone from the waitlist hears back soon
  4. I was really worried about this too when I was doing my apps, but I talked to an OT school grad and they told me that although shadowing experience is good to have, quite a few people do apply and get in without it. They also mentioned that it's pretty difficult to get OT shadowing opportunities in general (even before the pandemic) and I think admissions committees know this too, so don't sweat it. I was told that as long as you have experience with populations OTs typically work with, your application won't be weak. I got into UBC this round and got an interview invite from U of M (still wai
  5. Hey guys, I know some schools like Western and U of A show preference for applicants who have taken full course loads, but I just wanted to share my experiences so far to help put people at ease. I never took 5 courses in one semester, but throughout 1st year and 2nd year I took 4 courses each semester. In 3rd year and 4th year I took 2-3 courses per semester. Towards the end of my degree I did 2 semesters in a row with only 2 courses. I did work part time and volunteer throughout my degree though, and did take some time to do co-op at my school. I got accepted to UBC OT this cycle (I'm
  6. Hello! For one of my academic references I asked a prof who I never spoke too in person. Our class was pretty big and I never went to office hours either. They definitely had no idea who I was, but since I did really well in their class I figured it would be worth a shot asking (I also recall this prof being extremely kind and friendly). Thankfully they said yes! My advice to you is to think of a prof who you got a good grade with, and shoot them an email reminding them of who you are and what class you took with them and when. Send them anything notable you did in their class (maybe attach a
  7. Got an interview invite for U of M OT (I'm OOP) but I will be declining! Hopefully someone on the waitlist gets notified soon
  8. I got into UBC OT! Very surprised and shocked because I thought we'd have to wait a couple more weeks hahaha. Congrats to others who have also been accepted
  9. I haven't heard anything either :/ Based on what I've read from last year's threads it seems like they take a while to get back to people
  10. Hi! I was able to size the image down on microsoft word. They emailed me back to confirm they got it and they didn't mention any issues with the photos so it should work for you too!
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