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  1. Hi! I have. I got in this round for OT at UBC, Western and U of A. I don't recall UBC or Western saying on their websites that they show preference for students who take full course loads, but U of A definitely did so I'm surprised I got in. I never did 5 courses in one semester. I did 4 courses per sem during my first two years and then in third and fourth year I did 2-3 courses each sem. Hope that helps!
  2. Thanks! And nope, I didn't see my rejections on ORPAS. U of T and Mac sent me an email though!
  3. Got accepted at Western for OT! Rejected from U of T and Mac. Nothing from Queen's on ORPAS or in my email, so I'm guessing a rejection from there as well. Congrats everyone!!
  4. Got my acceptance from U of A OT today. I'm unsure if they calculate GPA the same as ORPAS but my ORPAS sGPA is 3.71. For those of you worried about full time versus part time course loads affecting admission, I did not do a full time course load in my third and fourth years of undergrad but still managed to get in (and I know U of A explicitly stated they show preference to those who did full course loads). I've already accepted my UBC offer though so I will be declining. Hopefully someone from the waitlist hears back soon
  5. I was really worried about this too when I was doing my apps, but I talked to an OT school grad and they told me that although shadowing experience is good to have, quite a few people do apply and get in without it. They also mentioned that it's pretty difficult to get OT shadowing opportunities in general (even before the pandemic) and I think admissions committees know this too, so don't sweat it. I was told that as long as you have experience with populations OTs typically work with, your application won't be weak. I got into UBC this round and got an interview invite from U of M (still wai
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