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  1. Hi! I was able to size the image down on microsoft word. So I sent in a word document with the photo in the middle haha but I also sent in the original photo file too just in case. They emailed me back to confirm they got it and they didn't mention any issues with the photos so it should work for you too!
  2. Sorry I have no idea! But my guess is that maybe some of the situational questions would have to do with ethics. I'm hoping it won't be too much like the CASPer tho haha. And for your second question maybe try emailing UBC to ask
  3. Congrats! Hmm I was thinking of doing that too. I think I'll take a photo like that and email it, and if there's a problem with it I'm guessing they'd just email back to let me know.
  4. I just got an interview invite today for UBC OT so I'm guessing they were also talking about OT! Edit: for anyone else that got the UBC email -- are you guys getting your passport-like photos taken professionally and just scanning them afterwards?
  5. I'm still waiting! I heard they're supposed to send us an email to confirm everything but so far nothing for me. On the application site though it does show that all my documents and stuff were submitted.
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to make sure I understand the ORPAS sGPA calculations. They listed my most recent 18 courses (all with length as 1.00). Then at the bottom they listed **Average** with length as 2.00. I read the ORPAS page about calculations but I'm still kinda confused lol. Does this mean they just took the average of one of my semesters and counted it as 2 courses to reach the total of 20 courses for sGPA? I figured out where they stopped using individual courses for my sGPA on my transcript and in that semester I took 3 classes with a total of 9 credits. I'm guessing they took the term
  7. I have the same sGPA! I applied to all the same schools too plus U of M, Dal, U of A and UBC. Literally every school almost haha. I'm so tempted to go through last years thread but now I'm kinda scared to lol. Best of luck to you!!!
  8. Yeah I think I'll shoot the CASPer team an email just to be safe! I'm thinking it should be fine but I'd hate to pay the $100 app fee only to find out later that my snapshot was sent too late haha
  9. Anyone here applying to U of M OT? I assumed no school needed the CASPer snapshot but upon reading U of M's application guide I have just discovered it's required lol. I did my CASPer on Jan. 5, anyone know if it's too late to do it now and get it sent to U of M on time? Edit: nvm, found this on the CASPer site "If you’ve already completed the Casper Test and the score distribution deadline has passed for your program(s), but you have not yet taken Snapshot, that is ok! Your application will not be considered incomplete, but we do ask that you complete Snapshot as soon as possible."
  10. Were you able to get in touch with them and ask about the character count? It only occurred to me now that there's no official character counter on the app so I'm also unsure about what to do Edit: for anyone else applying to dal OT they have emailed me back to let me know that the character limit does include spaces.
  11. Since it's not required for the application they shouldn't be looking at references when making admission decisions, so I wouldn't worry. And on this page there's nothing about references under the OT section. Hope that helps!
  12. I talked about my work experience with kids and my volunteer experience with seniors. I might mention my research experience a bit, since that also seems relevant to OT. I think as long as we talk about the things we learned from our experiences and how that can transfer over to OT we are on the right track!
  13. Congrats on graduating! If you don't mind, I was wondering what made you choose Queen's over the other schools you were accepted to? And did you enjoy your time there?
  14. FGS got back to me yesterday! Took about a week. They needed some more info before they could give me my banner number though. I wonder why there isn't an easier/quicker way to access our banner numbers. If they put it on the application portal or something than that would be less work for us and their staff. Hopefully they get back to you soon!
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