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  1. The confirmation email said that "The Admissions Team will only contact those applicants whose answer(s) were not received, or whose recording(s) were not adequate for review, after we have reviewed all the submissions." So it seems like they'll contact you if anything went wrong on their end! I would probably email them to double check that they received your videos though..
  2. I got a confirmation email from UofT (md.admissionsoffice@survey.utoronto.ca) right after I submitted, but none from VidCruiter.
  3. I hope so!! Is this for the MD stream, and do you know if this was publicized anywhere?
  4. TIME STAMP: Jan 15, 4:18 pm Result: Interview (MD) GPA: 4.00 MCAT: above cutoffs ECs: research (no pubs), club execs (of stuff I'm really passionate about!), competitions, some volunteering, tutoring, hobbies Essays: I tried to make them personal and had them edited by a couple of friends and med students. I worked on them for about a month. Year: 3rd undergrad, IP Good luck everyone .
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