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  1. applying to urology, which as @bearded frog stated is competitive enough to make me nervous about not matching lol. I'd prefer Uro > GSx > IM > ?FM > not matching, but with all the stories of GSx not liking to be a back-up specialty, would it be worth it to do my non-urology electives in GSx, even if I make a strong effort on GSx, try hard, get letters, etc? That's mostly my reasoning behind doing some complementary IM electives instead e.g. ICU/Nephro
  2. Hi all, I'm in the middle of my 3rd year right now and getting ready to pick electives. I have a rather strong interest in a small, moderately competitive surgical specialty and have a long-term project in this (unfortunately not yet published). I'm hoping to match to this specialty, and am looking for some advice on elective selection to maximize my chances of matching while also giving me a chance to back up into something else. The new 8 week cap on electives of a given specialty goes into effect this year. I'll be doing those 8 weeks in this surgical subspec. For my remaining wee
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