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  1. Salut! Merci beaucoup pour vos partages, ils sont vraiment utiles! J'avais pourtant une question: j'ai été placée sur la liste d'attente de physio et ça m'inquiète un peu. J'avais vu que les années passées la dernière personne acceptée avait une cote r de 32, alors que j'ai une cote r de 35. Est-ce que vous pensez que j'ai des chances d'être acceptée ? Aussi, pour être plus clair, mon premier choix est médecine
  2. UdeM?? Quand je vais sur leurs sites ça dit que les informations seront diffusés au courant des prochains mois..
  3. J'ai vu sur leur site que les entrevues en février le seront mais il y avait pas d'infos sur ceux en avril...
  4. Salut! Es-ce que vous savez si les entrevues pour med-p et dent-p pour les élèves du Cégep (avril) seront en ligne ou en personne?
  5. Hi everyone! Does anyone happen to know if mcgill med-p and dent-p interviews 2021 for caged students (April) are going to be held virtually?
  6. Hi everyone! So as you may know, applying for Med-P et Dent-P requires a CV and a list of verifiers. I read in the instructions that we have to make sure to include verifiers for our most recent entries in our cv . The problem is in my most recent entry and pretty much the most important one (I work there part-time for three months). My manager left the job and she didn't want me to put her name in my list of verifiers. Do you think that would be bad/weird/a disadvantage if I don't put her name?
  7. moi aussi j'ai reçu un message de mon collège disant qu'il n'y aura pas de cote R provisoire
  8. thank you!!!!! good luck for tomorrow!! I was actually wondering what do you think would be a good cv? I havent done THAT many things I know a lot of people who did hospital volunteering and received distinctions and its a little worrying I gotta say..
  9. thanks a lot!! I m gonna be doing my casper test in a couple of hours and was kinda nervous but that made me feel a little better!!
  10. Hey everyone, So as you may know, most of our classes and exams last semester were online so a lot of people cheated during exams (im like 99% sure) . Because of that, class averages have increased by 10 or even 15% (personal experience). I'm afraid that might affect our CRC. I was actually hoping mine would go up (first semester :34.6) but im kind of losing hope now.. Do you think its gonna be the same for everyone? I don't know how people can still get 37-38-39 and how are universities even gonna consider those, it can be really unfair for those who were actually honest. Do you guys mi
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