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  1. Honestly wish I could find that article. To be honest, it wasn't the best article but it mentioned that BC just finds it cheaper to employ NPs than fam docs and how in the US NPs usually have a ROS to work rurally, but many as soon as that ROS is done work independently (wish I had a citation for that too). Anyone in the forums in anesthesia want to comment on what theyve heard?
  2. Hello all, Read a few **DELETED** posts about mid-level creep in the states and how its a pretty big turf war down there, esp with nurse anesthetists coming up. I know the whole NP creep has become a problem in BC, but at the same time there are plenty of NP's here in Ontario and I'm not getting the same doom and gloom feeling from the medical community here about it. No clue about PA or nurse anesthetists though. Was wondering what predictions everyone had regarding this becoming a problem in Canada?
  3. Hey! 2024 here. I'm pretty sure it will just be an orientation week. Spend the week getting to know your classmates and some of the upper years :) In general, there wasn't any crash course to get everyone on the same level though. First term is filled with things about medicine (what even is medicine, what does the physician patient relationship look like etc) but for the most part we sorta just get tossed in and they say go. Be prepared to learn about the RAAS pathway 10x because they do assume that you haven't seen the materials before (at least, most profs assume this). If you have any
  4. yes 171 strangers!!! great group. i too think its all because of COVID so im not tooooo bugged down by all of it, but i have lived in london most of my life and so i have a support group already established. I would imagine someone new to london/western without that support group would feel a lot worse :/. either way though i hope to meet my classmates soon, including you @dooogs!
  5. hey @impartial_agonist, I feel the same way. I know one person from undergrad in the program and thats the only person I feel I have a friendship with. Everyone is so polite and im on friendly terms with the class, but just have not met anyone that clicks with me yet :/ . On the bright side, I really do think next year will be normal (fingers crossed) and then it will become a lot easier to just say hey lets get coffee to a classmate between classes and we can forge our friendships that way. I know that at my school we have this anonymous forum where we can post our thoughts, and this fee
  6. Ah DrOtter, I remember you were on the front lines in that thread. hope all is going well in ottawa!!!
  7. oh man im just remembering the whole button fiasco, what a time
  8. Hey guys, M-1 here. was in your spot a year ago (pandemic and everything), stay strong!!! what helped me was to focus on school and pick up some sort of hobby. i started to walk long distances while listening to podcasts (like 2 hour treks to random neighbourhoods at night no joke) and also watched some random animes here and there. unfortunately though, i do confirm no matter what you do your impulsive email and OMSAS checking will get worse (a lotttt worse) all the best my friends!!!
  9. Thank you so much! Sounds like it was a good match for you and happy things are looking good.
  10. Hey @ACHQ, Sorry to revive a sorta dead topic. Just was wondering if you anticipate the job market to change for GIM (im still really early in my training, but one of my fears is not being able to find a job) and how pay has been at your current type of lifestyle. Thanks!
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