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  1. Is anyone else's UofA OT application still stuck as "Pre-screening" under the application status? as well as decision: pending
  2. Does anyone know if these universities look at the final winter grades before admission? Considering most will not respond till May, it just makes me curious. And also, does ORPAS takes in winter final grades and change cGPA/sGPA?
  3. Just got a document received from my University under my ORPAS application. Anyone know how long it takes for your GPA to be calculated and show up on the ORPAS website? And also how long it usually takes for ORPAS to be sending out the transcripts to the respective universities?
  4. That's weird, did you contact your school yourself to send your transcript? I contacted ORPAS and they told me my school sends transcripts with the fall grades during the last 2 weeks of January, and they're unsure of when my school will send out the transcripts.
  5. Applying to Queens, McMaster and UofT [All PT] through ORPAS Anyones transcript still stuck on pending and know what to do?? Freaking out because the deadline for transcript submissions is apparently January 30? Not sure what to do lol
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