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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone can provide insight to the flexibility of lifestyle for attending physicians? For eg, the attending general surgeon at a hospital, or an attending cardiologist, are they able to take vacation/time off based on their own preferences? There are a few things I would like to clarify: this question is more focused towards physicians on a fee-for-service model, I understand the less you work, the less you get paid (ie financial incentives are a separate issue), and I'm assuming these physicians cover the mandatory call schedule that is set by their group. I
  2. My suggestion right now is to work as hard as you can your Masters. Also speak with your supervisor and committee members that you might get accepted into medical school and that you would really like to finish by a certain date. In all honestly, if your supervisor is on board, everyone else will fall in line, but sometimes you might get the odd committee member thats anal and you want your supervisor to back you up. Lastly, never decline an med school offer for grad school. I've heard of many schools bending the rules, even heard of people defending their thesis much later than the proposed d
  3. A lot of great info here. I'm wondering if anyone could comment on what the future of FP might look like - particularly with telemedicine and the FHO models?
  4. Thanks for all your replies so far, it's great to hear that a lot of other people are also in my shoes. I'm wondering if anyone could explain how GPs manage to juggle different positions at once? For example, the GP who works as an emergency doc or anesthesiologist and as a regular GP, how do they manage the overhead associated with their clinic? Do they share their clinic with someone else who comes in for the days/weeks they are in the hospital? Any insight on this would be very appreciated!!
  5. Hi Everyone, Current MS3 here thinking about pursuing FM. I'm leaning towards family medicine, but I realized that I like family medicine more for the things that I could do with the training outside the core responsibility of a GP. For example, I don't particularly like managing the elderly with chronic conditions but I'm more interested in potentially working as an emerg doc, working with peds/doing deliveries, and possibly some procedures/cosmetics on the side. I'm wondering if anyone could provide some insight regarding this issue - does it sound ludicrous to go into a program in
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