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  1. Any MD/PhD interviewees anxiously waiting for a potential second round interview today?
  2. I would probably suggest a DIY post-bacc program instead of taking on a full new degree. Not too sure about Western's medsci program but I do hear it is fairly reasonable to get a 3.9-4.0? Good luck!
  3. Just a PSA guys regarding doing a grad/masters/phd degree: Don't pursue solely to gain an 'advantage'. That's a waste of resources just to be put into a different stream of applicants. Really enjoy what the degree has to offer and don't bullshit yourself. I personally learned so much from the grad research experience.
  4. just registered for uoft's coffeehouse! see y'all there for the first interview date
  5. trust me, this isn't bad at all. the USMD application process was far worse.
  6. Ohhhh yeah dw ur not alone. I freaked out a bit too, even more so than when i was facing the beast titan at wall maria
  7. I actually contacted the coordinator, Kendra, and she said if you didn't hear back on Jan 14-15, it's basically an R. You're now being considered for the MD stream.
  8. Yes, I have completely forgotten. Our mission was to capture Zeke eons ago.
  9. Where's the other ~40 MD/PhD interviewees here? It's been so silent!
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