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  1. I read through most of the thread and couldn't help myself. Yes @doogs, it is insulting to believe that men do things for sex. I was just wondering if some of the motives around prestige, sex, women and money have stood the test of time, in the case of @medigeek. Reading through this thread in all seriousness is quite triggering, speaking from a male standpoint too. I'm just also mainly dying to know about the mega successful 4 uncles who are also physicians and said to be balling
  2. So @medigeek, just a few follow up questions after 10 years.. -Are you balling yet? -Did you smash all of your 9.5s? -How are your 4 uncles? -Are you making 350k yet, like doctors do? -Are you smashing chicks and kicking them out after you've had enough sex, as you mentioned? -Any gold diggers/ honeys waiting to marry you, since being a doctor is the most prestigious thing known to man? Sorry to bring up an old thread, but these are all serious questions, brah, so please take the time to give us an update
  3. Hello- Just read this thread and I hope you all have since found success in your journeys! Cliff
  4. Title was supposed to read "Cash Driven IndividualS
  5. Hello all, Long time lurker here with a serious question. I've spent countless hours reading through this forum in the past months, and one phrase that I see constantly repeated over the years and has stuck out to me is "There are faster and easier ways to make money than becoming a doctor/dentist", or healthcare in general. What exactly are these careers? The following options are what I have gathered from the answers in the threads: -Business -Technology From my (limited) understanding, to make it big in finance you must go to a top school, and then get very lucky to get
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