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  1. Can anyone who's status still says "Ready for Review" reply to this post? And let us when you do get a response/email. I'm IP and my status still says that.
  2. does mcgill usually send out rejections first or is there simply no order?
  3. That's really great!!! Happy for you :)! Im also waiting on French schools; sherbrook and laval. My minerva account still says ready for review (im IP)
  4. You have a good profile tho... But i get it; the CASPer can ruin everything. I hope you're okay! If you don't mind me asking, what was your undergrad?
  5. Ok thanks! Also where is the time stamp? I don't see it anywhere, is it because my account hasn't been updated? My last name starts with "N", first name is "A".
  6. my account still says ready for review.... I guess everyone will get an email by tonight? Is this how it worked for previous years?
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